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Vetenskap/forskning om ADHD

Här kommer vi efterhand att sammanfatta och recensera fler vetenskapliga artiklar kring ADHD. I synnerhet sådana som fokuserar på vuxenlivet och hur det kan göras bra.

Vetenskapliga artikar 2010

Boonstra m.fl.
To act or not to act, that’s the problem: Primarily inhibition difficulties in adult ADHD
Neuropsychology. Vol 24(2), Mar 2010, pp. 209-221

Vetenskapliga artikar 2009

Antshel m.fl.
Is adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a valid diagnosis in the presence of high IQ?
Psychological Medicine: A Journal of Research in Psychiatry and the Allied Sciences. Vol 39(8), Aug 2009, pp. 1325-1335

Breyer m.fl.
Young adult gambling behaviors and their relationship with the persistence of ADHD
Journal of Gambling Studies. Vol 25(2), Jun 2009, pp. 227-238

Dibbets m.fl.
Differences in feedback- and inhibition-related neural activity in adult ADHD
Brain and Cognition. Vol 70(1), Jun 2009, pp. 73-83

Halmøy, A., Fasmer, O.B., Gillberg, C., Haavik,& J.
Occupational outcome in adult ADHD: Impact of symptom profile, comorbid psychiatric problems, and treatment: A cross-sectional study of 414 clinically diagnosed adult ADHD patients
Journal of Attention Disorders. Vol 13(2), Sep 2009, pp. 175-187

Hill m.fl.
The Wender Utah Rating Scale: Adult ADHD diagnostic tool or personality index?
Journal of Attention Disorders. Vol 13(1), Jul 2009, pp. 87-94

Kessler m.fl.
The prevalence and workplace costs of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in a large manufacturing firm
Psychological Medicine: A Journal of Research in Psychiatry and the Allied Sciences. Vol 39(1), Jan 2009, pp. 137-147

Pagoto m.fl.
Association between adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and obesity in the US population
Obesity. Vol 17(3), Mar 2009, pp. 539-544

Plichta m.fl.
Neural hyporesponsiveness and hyperresponsiveness during immediate and delayed reward processing in adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Biological Psychiatry. Vol 65(1), Jan 2009, pp. 7-14

Simon m.fl.
Prevalence and correlates of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: Meta-analysis
British Journal of Psychiatry. Vol 194(3), Mar 2009, pp. 204-211

Nora D. Volkow. (2009).
Evaluating Dopamine Reward Pathway in ADHD. JAMA. 302(10):1084-1091.
* Undersökte 53 (omedicinerade) vuxna med diagnos ADHD med PET-kamera och jämförde dem med en kontrollgrupp. Resultatet visar att de med ADHD har mindre dopamin i hjärnans belöningssystem.

Waite, R. & Ivey, N.
Unveiling the mystery about adult ADHD: One woman's journey
Issues in Mental Health Nursing. Vol 30(9), Sep 2009, pp. 547-553
* Om en person som fick vänta för länge på utredning och diagnos ADHD för att hon var kvinna och svart.

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